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We have worked for the people of North Florida for years and we take every home buying experience very seriously.  You are are friends, neighbors, and valued members of our home town.  We look forward to helping you find your new home.


Honesty and strong moral principles are always adhered to at Southern Integrity Realty LLC.

Deep Roots

Like our area's majestic oak trees, Southern Integrity Realty's roots run deep. Born and raised in North Florida our agents give you assurance of their knowledge of the area.


Southern Integrity Realty is committed to giving back to our community. Throughout the year we choose charities or organizations and give back to those local heroes. Tough Enough to Wear Pink, Dream Machine, CHD Awareness, Childlife to name a few.

Strong Character

Character is defined by doing what should be done, with or without an audience to impress. Southern Integrity Realty is committed to doing what is right even when no one is looking.

What's everyone "Flocking" about?

Meet Flynn & Flora Flamingo. Flynn & Flora would love to “flock” your listing. Call Southern Integrity Realty today and Let’s “FLOCK” Real Estate!

Home For Everyone


Welcome to North Central Florida, situated in the middle of the state we are approximately an hour and a half from either coastline.  This allows for day trips to the Gulf of Mexico or to  the Atlantic, but saves you those high hurricane premiums of living on the coast.

North Florida is known for its natural woods, state parks, springs, fishing, tubing, kayaking, cave diving and the list goes on. Visit

There is lots of history to explore as well as new places to visit.

Life in North Florida is a little more relaxed and friendly. “Laid back” is what the locals refer to it as.  There is always time for a wave, handshake, shared joke, quick catch up with friends at local business establishments.  Yes ma’am and yes sir are used frequently, and are merely a form of highest respect.

Our area is growing by leaps and bounds as we see business coming to the area as well as transplants from other states looking to call Florida home.  Our agents here at Southern Integrity Realty have been match making buyers and sellers for more than 20 years.  Like the majestic live oaks you see scattered across our landscapes, our roots are deep and we are here to stay.   Integrity is in our name because we practice being honest and showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

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Trusting in our Southern Integrity means honest and deep rooted values

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